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Course content. Expand all 12 lectures Understanding of enlarged spleen, symptoms, signs and diagnosis of disease. Preview This lecture include treatment of enlarged spleen. Lifestyle changes, medications that should be given in the case of splenomegaly. What are different ways of splenectomy? Can a person live without spleen or if the spleen is removed from one's body. Treatment of enlarged spleen.

Basics Of Pharmacology

This lecture includes: What is Gout? What are its types? Details about the drugs used for gout: 1. Uricosuric acid 2. Uric acid synthesis inhibitors mechanism of action carried by the different drugs cleared briefly. Drugs used for chronic gout.

Pharmacology, module two. Management and surveillance

Migraine with Aura 2. Migraine without Aura 3. Triptans in detail. Migraine, its causes, symptoms and treatment. What is PCOS, its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Natural treatment of PCOS. Give plenty of fluids 2. Patent laws apply and can be used only by the company that has registered it. Describes the drug class to which the drug belongs and this name also reflects the pharmacological action of the drugs or the therapeutic area of the drug action. Side effects are the physiological effects that are not related to the desired drug effect. They are predictable. They are unavoidable since the action of the drug may not be highly targeted and influence other organs or tissue parts.

Adverse reaction or adverse effects: are more severe than the side effects and is an undesirable effect of the drug that can range from mild to severe toxicity and hypersensitivity reaction and anaphylaxis.

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All such reactions should be documented and reported for further analysis. Is the smallest amount that will elicit a response and the largest dose that can be tolerated without excessive side effects. Therapeutic drug monitoring is necessary for drugs with a narrow therapeutic index and the reason for this is that the gap between the amount of drug required for a therapeutic effect and the amount of drug that causes unwanted effects is very small.

Hence when these drugs are given from one patient to another their effect may vary and hence needs to be monitored each time to ensure that the drug is having a therapeutic effect and not a adverse reaction. Drug monitoring may vary from person to person.

When a person has just started the medicine drug monitoring will be more rigorous. Are medicines that need to be prescribed by an authorized person such as Midwives, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, doctors. Only drugs: can be sold in a community or hospital pharmacy and in an isolated shop that is licensed to sell such drugs. The authors use drug structures to illustrate the chemical concepts learned in general and organic chemistry courses.

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They cover the dynamics of receptors in mediating the pharmacological effects of drugs. It provides the framework for better understanding of advanced pharmacology and therapeutics topics. Search all titles. Search all titles Search all collections.

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