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Told my mom and dad about it and posted a link to the site on my facebook wall. I told my family and friends about this and will also be sending my aunt a copy of the Primal Blueprint! Posted this on facebook and convinced my best fried to go primal for the month. I also told my family about it, and even convinced my pops to order the primal blueprint, which i finished reading a couple weeks ago.

Looking forward to the contest!

No Facebook, Twitter or Blog. However, I did email my sister-in-law. Going gluten free has helped her tremendously. I talked with her about PB when I was visiting a couple weeks ago. Just starting a dialog with her will hopefully get her onto PB sooner or later. I can only help one person at a time.

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I am a college student- facebook and myspace!! Just posted this on Facebook and Convinced my best fried to go primal for the month. Taking back humanity one meal at a time! Talked to my family about it over Labor Day weekend; and just e-mailed them the MDA link inviting them to commit as well. My wife is already committed, too! I emailed many of the articles from the last 30day challenge to friends and family. Put the word out on FB as well. My mom now follows you on twitter and my boss and his father in law are all about it now.

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I have committed to the 30 day PB Challenge! Today, I posted the challenge url to Facebook and Twitter so others can join in!

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I tweeted the link with a note about getting back in gear. I have also noticed that my husband has quietly been eating fewer carbs and adding some protein cheese or full-fat yogurt to his fruit. I have launched a blog for the special occasion and will write my next article for one of the newspapers that I write a food column for, about the challenge. Check out the post I did last night!

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It was so much fun to write. I am really loving this lifestyle! I have been doing everything pretty spot on except for the carb curve, which will be my challenge to start today. I also hooked up MDA with a tweet. Time to Grok on! Told friends over the phone. Posted this post on Facebook. Shared via google buzz. I also posted this on my facebook wall, and lent out my copy of The Primal Blueprint to a friend…. I have been primal for 3 weeks now! I have been hauling people into the primal life by the dozens.

Today alone I have 3 people starting. I called 1, facebooked and got several questions, and emailed another. The bottom line is this works, I feel great, and have had amazing results. That sells itself! Over the past 7 months, I have encouraged friends and co-workers to read the book and get on the program. Most have changed their whole life since doing so. As always I spent all weekend preaching the primal life and have opened some eyes about medications vs.

Today I posted the challenge on my Facebook page and added a link to the challenge to make all my friends aware of what was going on. Posted on facebook, and talked to my mom and boyfriend about joining me for the challenge this month. Being primal has definitely improved my quality of life. I called and told my girlfriend about it, and I have recruited a friend into the Primal lifestyle.

Primal Blueprint is based on the idea that our bodies were created to behave a certain way. I have been talking about it since I heard about your site a week ago! Well, I just forwarded your e-mail to the rest of our Wellness Committee at work. I also brought some of your coconut and cocoa energy balls with the recipe printed out to my CF gym to give to the kids there. I am tweeting about this challenge, and taking on many of the elements. I also provoked my colleagues by adding veeerrry much delicious cream in my cup of coffee.

Thanks for sharing and caring :. I have shared the primal blueprint with my husband and parents. They will all be doing some form of the 30 day challenge with me!! Retweeted your post about the challenge. Announcing it at our gym this evening to see who else will join the challenge with me. Thanks for all the work on the site! Got my wife to support me in the challenge. Facebooked my friends and am easing more family members into this way of thinking. Looking forward to it! We have been doing this for a while but I admit to being at the mercy of friends and family for a bit.

I have a ruptured Achilles tendon and have needed assistance for a few weeks. Cast comes off next Monday! My daughter and I have lost a ton of weight! We love this way of being and it has improved our health tremendously.

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Even my family is getting on board, my diabetic mom had some blood work done last week and was impressed with the results, my dad did not want toast with the roast I made last night!!! Facebook and emailed the link to everyone I know. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this…we are making the Salmon tonight! Brought my copy of the Primal Blueprint book in to work today, too, and left it sitting out on my desk to be a constant reminder to help motivate us. I am so very excited. Posting on Facebook my challenge and how it is going.

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I have 2 co-workers and 1 friend on board. I do walk hours a week but I also eat too much cheese.

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  8. However, that is what challenges are for. I am talking my girlfriend into giving this a try for 30 Days with me. I am also sharing my copy of the book with a friend that is very interested in Primal living. I wrote about the challenge on my blog and about what I will be doing as part of my own primal challenge! I also bought a co-worker a copy of the Primal Blueprint. He is getting started using it and along with the challenge, should see even more results by the end of the month.

    I also am posting my progress on the challenge on my blog daily.