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According to the Bible, the children of Israel were camped on the western shore of the Gulf when the Pharaoh's troops were spotted in the distance.

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Dust clouds raised by chariots and horses of the approaching army would have allowed Moses to calculate their time of arrival, Dr Parker said. Having lived in the wilderness, Moses would have known useful low tide Red Sea crossings and by looking at the moon, he could have predicted when low tide would occur.

This knowledge would not have been used by the soldiers who lived along the River Nile, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea and does not have dramatic tides. The Biblical tale cites a full moon on the night of the dramatic escape, which would have meant that the low tide would be at its lowest, allowing the seabed to have stayed drier for longer, giving the people longer to cross.

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If this was the case, the high tide would also have been higher and more likely to drown an army, as described in the Biblical story. Dr Parker says Moses may have managed this either by using some sort of delaying tactic, or by sending his most able-bodied people back to entice the soldiers to chase them across the seabed. Dr Parker said that it is true that wind blowing across a shallow waterway pushes it back, so such a wind may have heightened the effect of low tide to reveal more dry seabed than normal.

Dr Parker is not the first scientist to suggest this theory to explain the Red Sea miracle. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Doesn't the Queen deserve better than this baffling festive absence? How the Red Sea really parted? Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Moses used knowledge of tides to ensure safe crossing for the Israelites e-mail 4.

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Guide Secrets of the Sea of Reeds

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The same phrase appears in over 20 other places in the Hebrew Bible. While traditionally understood to refer to the Red Sea the saltwater inlet located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula , the appropriate translation of the phrase remains a matter of dispute; as does the exact location referred to. It is now often translated as Sea of Reeds - with several competing theories as to where this was. Yam Suph has traditionally been understood to refer to the saltwater inlet located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula , known in English as the Red Sea. More recently, alternative western scholarly understandings of the term have been proposed for those passages where it refers to the Israelite Crossing of the Sea as told in Exodus The word suph by itself means 'reed', e.

This was pointed out as early as the 11th century, by Rashi. This may refer to a large lake close to the Red Sea , which has since dried up due to the Suez Canal. The Lake of Tanis, a former coastal lagoon fed by the Pelusiac branch of the Nile, has also been proposed as the place Moses parted the waters.

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The crossing of the sea signaled the end of the sojourn in Egypt and it certainly was the end of the Egyptian army that pursued the fleeing Hebrews Ex ; After this event at Yam Suph, perhaps the verb Soph, meaning "destroy" and "come to an end," originated cf. Amos ; Jer ; Isa ; Psa Another possible development of this root is the word suphah , meaning "storm-wind" The meanings "end" and "storm-wind" would have constituted nice puns on the event that took place at the Yam Suph. The occurrences of the term are as follows: [7].

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  • The Passage of the Red Sea. After the pursuing Egyptians have been drowned in "the waters" of "the sea":. During God's further instruction to Moses after the Ten Commandments :. The New King James Version translates "the Way of the Red Sea" capitalized at each occurrence, suggesting that the Israelites may have used an ancient trade route , but this is not reflected in other English translations and the Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges argues that 'no definite road is meant'.

    The opening verse of the book of Deuteronomy has an occurrence of Suph on its own. Some translations, including the Septuagint, have taken this as an abbreviation for the full form, others not:.

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      Jeremiah bemoaned his own fate. Why had he been the one chosen to not only foretell the horrors of destruction but to witness them, and even to be at the mercy of the brethren he had tried to save? But there is no doubt that the exiled Jews in Babylon found strength in his prophecy that there would be redemption and glory seventy years after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.


      Jeremiah did not live to see his prophecy fulfilled, but many of those who had heard his prophecies were among the ones who returned with Ezra and Nehemiah to inaugurate the Second Temple. God's presence and lovingkindness are always near; one need but have open eyes and an open heart to see them:. They prayed successfully against Idolatry , composed the standard Jewish prayers and brought about the dramatic flowering of the Oral law , the primary repository of divine wisdom see: Tanakh. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The body of water which the Israelites crossed following their exodus from Egypt in the Book of Exodus.

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