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The characters who have died to our knowledge are indicated with an X.

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We examined every act of betrayal in the last seven seasons again, to our knowledge—there was a lot to keep track of to see who betrayed who and what the outcomes of their betrayals were. What we found was that in the Game of Thrones , to deceive is, usually, to come out on top.

Most of their victims are dead and their houses decimated. Characters who started off as meek and mild-mannered have changed their tune, driven by revenge or power. By the end of the seventh season, many characters had betrayed others at least as many times as they had been betrayed.

Betrayals (Cainsville, #4) by Kelley Armstrong

But why? What motives drive them to turn on their own people? The majority of characters who betray their allies do it to gain power, followed by revenge. The infographic below shows the relationship between the betrayer and the betrayed, and their reason for treachery.

Who knows how many betrayals we can expect to get in the eight season of Game of Thrones? We then recorded the acts and categorized them by perpetrator the one who committed the act of betrayal and victim the one who was betrayed , the relationship between both characters, and the motive behind the betrayal. So we wanted to give you a chance to make a mind map of your own! Mind maps allow you to plot out ideas visually. In fact, with Venngage, making a mind map is easy!

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Mind maps typically use a radial structure, meaning information branches outwards from one or several central topic into subtopics. The characters with bigger circles have been involved in more betrayals and the character with smaller circles have been involved in less betrayals. The connecting arrows with thicker lines represent that the betrayals had a higher impact on the plot, while the dashed lines represent that a betrayal was implied.

An easy way to help distinguish between topics is by pairing each topic with an icon , by numbering each topic, or by assigning each topic a color. In our Game of Thrones infographic, we color-coded each character so that it was easier to distinguish which betrayals were linked to them. Mind maps are meant to make information easier to understand, not more complicated.

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Opt for simple, easy to read fonts instead. In the mind map template, we used Roboto for the central topic title, Roboto Condensed for the subtopic titles, and Open Sans for the supporting ideas. Data collected and analyzed with the help of Eugene Woo and Joanna Lu.

Infographic updated March 8, to include events from the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Toggle navigation. Cainsville is the town full of mystery where the elders are in charge. I am so happy that we get a lot more Cainsville in Betrayals we got much less in the last book. I love everything about Cainsville. I am obsessed with Gabriel's aunt Rose. And I love Patrick and the elders.

They are hilarious. We get a lot of Gabriel in this book. He is such a unique and original character. And I loved to see how his character has progressed. He started as someone unable to show emotion. And now he is slowly realizing how much Olivia means to him.

Definition of 'betrayal'

This book features a love triangle between Olivia, Ricky and Gabriel. In that story Matilda had to choose between the two men. This is one of the most interesting love triangles I have seen. Because Olivia really does have a deep connection to both Gabriel and Ricky. Also, Gabriel and Ricky could not be more different. Gabriel is sneaky and cunning and rarely feels emotions. While Ricky is sexy and studious and in a biker gang.

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Since Olivia, Gabriel and Ricky embody these people how does the past impact the choices they make now? This book features a lot of detective work to solve the mystery. Olivia and the gang are in a lot of dangerous situations. I loved it all. Something happens at the end that really surprised me. I was looking forward to the last book. But now I absolutely cannot wait to read the final book of the series! I want to see how it will end. View 2 comments.

May 18, BlebeTanja marked it as to-read. Another update: August ?? Oh Gosh, if I die before August, I'm going to have to haunt someone who'll buy the book, and read it over their shoulder with them. But let's hope it doesn't have to come to that. I need Gabriel in my lifeee! Update: It has a title!

I want it, nao! Oh fricking frock. Oh gosh. I nearly peed my pants.

Definition of 'betrayal'

I'm so happppyyyyyyyyyy! Kelley Armstrong, Jan 10, Terri Wino rated it really liked it Shelves: year So at the beginning of this book, Olivia was getting on my nerves a bit simply because it felt as if she were going backwards in her friendship with Gabriel and walking on eggshells around him because oooohhh Stop acting like you need to censor yourself around him! But then Kelley Armstrong turns this book into a story of -- at least in my opinion -- growth and change for all three characters.

I think Ricky really came into his own in this book, and for the first time I was viewing him as a future leader and not just the fun, good-time guy Liv is killing time with. Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. He may still not be able to say the words to Olivia that need to be said, but he made some huge steps in this book. As for the mystery in this book, I found it interesting but, for me, it took a backseat to the dynamic between these three characters. Apparently book 5 will be the conclusion to this series.

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It's going to suck having to wait a year for the final book! But I hold out hope that it's going in the direction I've been hoping for, and will be worth the wait! View all 4 comments. To fulfill that little part of you that wants something so bad. Betrayals starts a few months after the end of Deceptions. Armstrong takes these legends and myths and shapes them into her own. Betrayals absolutely makes up for the little bit of a disappointment I had with book three, I dived into this story like no time had passed.

The characters. The characters are, without a doubt, my favorite part of these books. Especially Gabriel. Throughout the series Gabriel has had tremendous growth. Seeing him go from this cold, unfeeling, cyborg has been the highlight of the series. Throughout every book he reveals more and more of his personality and backstory, we see all these layers of his character, and he is definitely my favorite character. See I love everything about him. It breaks my heart. Do you want to do that? Or just pretend you did?

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His banter with Olivia made my day. So, Olivia. She makes the best out of her problems and never relies on others to save her. Her friendship with Gabriel is a bit on the rocky side because of everything that happened in the previous book, but I loved how willing Gabriel was to try and mend it. But, really, who can? The plot. The mystery of this book was one of my favorites of the series.